Energy procurement individual flexible  contracts

Individual Flexible Contracts

Flexible contractsDesigned for a very high usage accounts, an IFC is suitable for Large I&C’s, multinationals, public sector clients.

Risk management plays a huge part with an IFC, Eco Elite EQJHA service is designed to help organizations understand the risks they face.

We will support you to gain an understanding of your appetite for risk, once this is defined structures are put in place to control how purchasing is carried out to match your requirements.

Individual Flex – Risk & Strategy

Before going to market Eco Elite EQJHA will carry out a rigorous process designed to ascertain our clients Risk and our Strategy, these include:-

  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • Workshop
  • Risk Policy (High Level rules document)
  • Purchase Strategy / strategies – Tactical application of the policy.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Identification and understanding of the energy risks faced by our customers
  • A review of the company’s current energy position, corporate objectives and the role of the energy in the business
  • Understanding of the company’s own appetite of risk and this should be translated into buying energy
  • Defined governance structures for energy purchasing
  • Energy procurement services
  • Defined framework within which risks are controlled, taking best practices into consideration
  • Greater budget certainty whilst retaining the ability to buy energy closer to delivery
  • Clearly defined control tools and decision-making criteria
  • Strategies in line with county characteristics and market developments


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