About Eco Elite Energy Consultants

Energy Audits

Eco Elite will qualify energy savings in the following areas:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC systems & controls
  • Renewable Energy Applications
  • Electric Motors and Drivers
  • Process Systems
  • Steam and Condensate return systems, including boiler inspections and steam trapping
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Smart Metering with Web Validation
  • Energy Procurement and Bill Validation


Make energy savings of 10%-32% with an energy audit from Eco Elite

It is imperative to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Companies that reduce their energy commitments and focus on energy savings as a way of enhancing profits, are constantly aware of energy efficiency products and services and also the positive effect they have on their profits.

The recommendations made and implemented from our Energy Audits have saved our clients varying degrees of energy – the minimum being approximately 10% all the way up to 32%.


Energy audit

An Energy Audit from Eco Elite is a study of your business and the energy it consumes.

Once we have a detailed report and understanding of your business we will show you areas that will not only reduce your energy consumption, they will save you money.

To find out how our energy audits can save your company money, contact Eco Elite Energy Brokers today.