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Energy Bill Validation


Wembley Technical College
The College were being charged for 500KVA per month but they never used more than 160KVA; this was set up by a buying group and had been charged for over five years up until we checked it.

Altogether the college had spent £30,000 more than they needed to.

Abbey (Isle of Wight)
Abbey were overcharged on their gas for 4 years until they enlisted the help of Eco Elite. We found that their contract with a main supplier was not Contract Compliant.

We got them over £20,000 back.

Not all cases are as dramatic as these, but in most cases, either through Bill Validation or energy efficient meters, Eco Elite will save you money.

Save money on your energy bills with our bill checking service

Over the years Eco Elite have saved our clients thousands of pounds, just by checking that their energy bills are correct.

Energy companies are renowned for making mistakes on customers' bills – for example, overcharging or charging for more capacity that is actually needed. We must point out, however, that when brought to task, and if mistakes are proven, they will credit your account. However, one thing is for sure - they won’t come knocking on your door to tell you.

Bill validation service

This is where our Bill Validation service comes in. For a small fee, Eco Elite will check your energy bills and charges to make sure that they are Contract Compliant. We will also make sure that all other aspects of your billing charges are correct.

If you have chosen us to handle your energy procurement, then the above service is included within the package.