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astrid led lightingEnergy saving lighting

Along with our close partnerships with key suppliers, Elite are able to offer our customers a full turnkey service in the design, manufacture and supply of lighting systems that will have a dramatic effect on your energy consumption.

Lighting of your premises is responsible for a very large percentage of your electricity costs, Elite work directly with the market leaders Eco Light to offer you a lighting solution that will result in substantial energy savings and cost savings.


March Cold Stores

We were paying for electricity to produce heat as a by product of lighting and then paying for energy again (...) to extract this heat from the chamber. This scenario would even bring a smile to the face of Ebenezer Scrooge.

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Through this lighting division Eco Light manufactures and supplies a wide range of luminaries  and lighting control systems.

The luminaries include all types of lighting from general commercial lighting, industrial fitting, decorative luminaries and Astrid LED lighting.

Like most of Eco Elite solutions the payback for our lighting solutions are quite quick, and of course all new lighting systems will have a positive effect on your carbon footprint.

If you would like to arrange a lighting survey please contact Eco Elite.